A DIY remote customer research tool to accelerate growth

Pæple is a DIY remote research tool that helps designers, product managers, and marketers understand their customers' jobs to be done. Think Canva, but for customer research.


What is Pæple?

Why are insights often so hard to come by? We're surrounded by customers, so why do we struggle to glean actionable and insightful data from them? Pæple provides HCD practitioners, product managers, marketers, and entrepreneurs with the ability to gain actionable insights into their customers' value drivers within a matter of days.

For Product Managers

Pæple helps product managers optimise their product roadmap so that it is aligned with their customers' needs, wants, and perceptions of "value".

Effectively, it's a shortcut to product-market fit.

For Human Centred Designers

Pæple helps you understand what jobs to be done that your product or service needs to answer so that you can create more effective designs and services.

For Marketers

Pæple enables you to understand your customers and segments so that you can build stronger brands, more effective campaigns, and optimise your customer acquisition costs.

Integrate customer research into your workflow

Pæple fits into your workflow to provide your teams with fast, validated, and actionable insights into your customers and stakeholders.

Understand Your Customer's Jobs to be Done

Pæple provides you with consistently reliable insights into your customers' jobs to be done, giving your growth roadmap lazer focus.

Glean Actionable Insights

Stop flying blind and understand the gaps. Validate assumptions and triangulate your research through quick and effective research.

Use Best Practice Methods

Stop improvising on your research methodology and let Pæple provide the structure that you've been craving.

Code typing

Structured Interviews Designed to Glean Insights

Pæple's unique user interface ensures that you can consistently get valid and actionable insights with every use.

Define Problem Statement

Begin by identifying the problem you wish to solve. It could be product, design, or marketing-related.

Recruit Interviewees

Pæple can assist you with the recruitment of interviewees, or you can do it yourself.

Conduct Interviews

Pæple guides you through the interview process to ensure you are collecting reliable and actionable data.

Glean Insights, Instantly

Pæple does the heavy lifting to turn your data into insights, leaving you with clear answers to your original problem statement!

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